“We had been to four college campuses for tours, checking out what each one would offer our daughter Caitlyn, who is a freshman this year. Wanting to be a biology major, she sat in on a class with Professor Rubino. He acknowledged her, shared the syllabus with her, and asked after class if she had any questions. No other school had welcomed her in that way. We met up after her tour and she said, ‘This is it, I need the small classroom learning, I feel like this is where I will get my best education.’ She has soared at Hanover. Joining a sorority and participating in Greek life has been fun for her, working on the Riley for Kids dance marathon has been a great experience. It is great to see her feel like she belongs.” – Elizabeth Hart

Support students like Cait Dolenski ’22 by making your impact on Hanover tomorrow on #ImpactHanover Day: https://www.hanover.edu/giving/impacthanoverday


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