NeXT Global Scholars gather at world renowned institutions of higher learning to discuss, explore & plan for the future.

NeXT Global Scholars receive scholarship opportunities, advice for university studies & career planning, but most importantly they gather at world renowned institutions of higher learning to discuss, explore & plan for the future at the NeXT global comprehensive academic summit known as Futuro Las Americas.  The fields of of study & project development are diverse from entrepreneurship to the arts, science & engineering & politics.

In 2020, Futuro Las Americas will take place in various university campuses in the cities of Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City & San Francisco. 

The goal of the summit is to give you a 360º academic & project development experience in the US.  We want to allow you to experience what university life is like, how to study & learn abroad, but most importantly we want you to discuss & develop projects in areas of academic interest for the future of our communities.

Futuro Las Américas brings together multinational talent & the experience is enriched by sharing with scholars from throughout the Americas such as Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, USA & the Dominican Republic among other places.

Financial need should not be a concern to participate in the Futuro Las Americas summit, financial assistance is available.  We hope to see you soon!


June 12-21, 2020

California College of the Arts
Mills College
UC Berkeley


June 26 - July 5, 2020

University of Pennsylvania
Villanova University
Cabrini University
University of the Arts


July 10-19, 2020

Manhattan College
Fordham University
New York University 


July 24 - August 2, 2020

Georgetown University
Edmund A. Walsh
School of Foreign Service

Program Agenda

San Francisco | Philadelphia| New York | Washington DC





iamNeXT this first section of the program, participants undergo in a series of interactive & intimate discussions that allow them to identify their needs for critical thought development, professional fulfillment, the opportunities that exist in their community & fields of professional knowledge. iamNeXT seeks to analyze the various emotional, psychological, & cultural aspects that comprise the a learning experience & the expectations of the professional workforce.  As a result, participants will increase their understanding of the motivating factors behind their choices & explore the alternative options to create new learning methodologies that foster critical thought. 

This section of the program introduces the facilitator & counselors who will be working with the participants for the duration of the program. The format used in conducting iamNeXT will include round table discussions, presentations by both participants & facilitators, use of surveys, & breakout sessions.

NeXTLab is designed to engage and introduce the opinions, expertise & the creative vision of each participant to develop new teaching methodologies, classroom tools & experiences. By identifying their underlying beliefs, networks, attitudes & goals through a set series of questions posed by the facilitators & counselors, participants will be able to create a “blueprint” of their path towards the creation of their own critical thought project. 

This process will also give participants deeper insight as to what attitudes & skills are crucial to succeed in this ever-changing 21st century. Participants will be distributed a survey & Part III of the program NeXTRev will be shaped based on participant answers & demonstrated shared interests. The training format for this learning experience includes “rapid-fire” Q&A periods, breakout sessions for discussion and debrief, & the use of surveys.

NeXTRev is the final workshop component of the program. It is designed to encourage collaboration & guidance among participants, facilitators, & counselors as well as foster participant’s professional growth to be applied to the teaching projects they are developing. Counselors will impart professional 30 minute to 1 hour workshops on their fields of expertise as well as conduct their own exercises.  Participants will be separated into groups & will rotate through the workshops they would like to attend.  With the intention of keeping the workshops small & personal, as well as allow every participant to interact with the counselors. 

NeXTUp is the final component of the program. During this segment participants will debrief & discuss the major takeaways & learning components gained through the the program & give quick presentations on the projects or ideas they developed. The training format includes intimate workshops, breakout debriefing sessions, presentations & a final survey.


UPenn | Villanova | Cabrini | UArts

June 26 to July 5, 2020




Manhattan College | Fordham University | NYU

July 10 to July 19, 2020




California College of the Arts | Mills College | UC Berkeley

June 12 to June 21, 2020




Georgetown University | Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service

July 24 to August 2, 2020 


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