Happy #EarthDay 🌎! .
To mark the occasion we’re celebrating a few of our ongoing #sustainaibility initiatives.
The first photo shows students on the #MillsCommunityFarm, which produces organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers to the campus community. The farm practicum class also engages students on topics such as #foodjustice, #foodsecurity, and sustainable #urbanfarming.
The second two photos feature our #LEEDcertified facilities—the building housing the @lokeyschool of Business and Public Policy and the Betty Irene Moore Natural Sciences Building.
Lastly we have a campus greenhouse and a snapshot of our winding, babbling creek—both epicenters of student-centric environmental exploration and stewardship.
#greenfuture #ecofriendly #environmentalstewardship #sustainableliving #sustainablelearning #ecoeducation


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