WE are a global coalition of socially conscious scholars, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, engineers & many more collaborating on our BiG ideas, projects & dreams
to move our communities forward.

WE are scholars
  WE are entrepreneurs
   WE are artists
    WE are scientists
      WE are musicians
       WE are engineers
        WE are CREATIVE
         WE are BiG THINKERS

WE believe our ideas, projects & dreams will lead to eXponential progress for our communities.

Why become a NeXT Global Scholar?

With the support of global community partnerships, diverse institutions of higher learning, the NeXT Global Scholars program supports U.S. & foreign participants in academic development, professional development & social project development in diverse academic fields from the sciences & business to the arts & public service.

Being named a NeXT Global Scholar is a great honor.  It is a lifetime achievement, title, & recognition throughout a scholar’s academic & professional career.  A NeXT Global Scholar is a big thinker, creative & driven by social purpose.  The selection process is competitive.  A candidate may be nominated at any point of their academic or profesional career beginning with their junior year of high school.

A  NeXT Global Scholar is eligible for scholarships to academic & professional programs around the globe (enrichment, undergraduate & graduate).   NeXT Global Scholars receive a lifetime of academic, career & social project advising, invitations to summits around the globe to discuss our collective future at well known institutions of higher learning & the importance of their social projects.

NeXT Global Scholars are changing the world with their ideas, projects & dreams.  There are no application fees to be a NeXT Global Scholar.

Who is eligible to be a NeXT Global Scholar? 


Age Be a minimum of 16 years of age by Jan 1, 2020. Candidates from around the globe may be nominated at any point of their academic or professional career beginning with their junior year of high school.
English Fluency Be a minimum of semi-proficient in English 
Grade Level Be a minimum of a  high school junior (or international equivalent) by
Jan 1, 2020.
Interview Be available for candidate interview
Nomination Be a first-time candidate via authorized nominating party or a first-time self-nominated candidate.

If you were previously nominated or self-nominated, but were not offered admission & you meet the eligibility criteria noted above, you are encouraged to email info@nxtglobal.org requesting to be reconsidered.


NeXT Global Scholar Benefits

  • Scholarship Eligibility & Advisory
    (enrichment, undergraduate & graduate programs)
  • Financial Assistance Eligibility & Advisory

    (enrichment, undergraduate & graduate programs)

  • Academic & Degree Advisory
  • Career Planning & Advisory
  • Social Project Advisory
  • NeXT Global Scholar Network
  • Regional Roundtable Discussions
  • NeXT Global Scholar Virtual Conferences
  • NeXT Global Scholar Summits

scholars worldwide

NeXT Global Scholars gather at world renowned institutions of higher learning to discuss, explore & plan for the future.


January 3 – 12, 2020

University of Pennsylvania
Villanova University
Cabrini University
University of the Arts


July 10-19, 2020

Manhattan College
Fordham University
New York University



June 12-21, 2020

California College of the Arts
Mills College
UC Berkeley


July 24 – August 2, 2020

Georgetown University
Edmund A. Walsh
School of Foreign Service






















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